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Owners NFT – GREEN


Genesis NFTs – also called “Play Ticket Vending NFT.”

Category: Product ID: 21999


“Owners Vending NFT” operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week as a virtual vending machine for play tickets, and you can receive a rental fee by renting it out.

⚡NFTs can be rented to the platform with a single click on the app.

⚡NFTs are classified into 3 types (Pink, Green, Purple).

⚡ The number of NFTs is determined by the number of Claw Machines in operation.

⚡ 10 pink Vending NFTs will be in charge of selling tickets for 1 crane machine. Green is 100 and purple is 1000.

⚡The rental fee will be charged every month just by leaving it unattended.

⚡Can be rented for up to 5 years.

Check the white paper for details