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BOUNTY HUNTERS is a world first! A new sensation digital prize online crane game. While developing your character and acquiring rare items that can be used to activate special effects, aim for victory in competitive online competitions between players and earn the title of the world's best bounty hunter!

Beta version scheduled to be released in Q2 2024!
Until then, please check back for updates from us.

Hunting Bounty
in your Spare time!

We will take blockchain games to a new stage.

BOUNTY HUNTERS combines the exciting user experience of crane games with a blockchain game that allows for the design of incentives using tokens.

We will deliver the world’s first game where you can receive rewards in tokens and various digital prizes to gamers who have never experienced a blockchain game!

The simple gameplay of “grabbing and winning prizes” remains the same, but you can remotely control the crane machines that have been installed using your smartphone while watching live footage shot on-site, so you don’t have to go to an amusement facility.

You can easily enjoy crane games on your smartphone and win various digital prizes (tokens, NFTs, etc.) lined up in the showcase.

We have also prepared free play. We believe that by realizing free-to-earn, we can provide clues to solving various social issues.

It is the world’s first competitive crane game, targeting agamers, with strong social game elements and incorporating real crane games into 1:1 turn-based battles.

Players take turns to win one prize, and the player who wins the prize first wins and receives the prize money.

If you lose, one of the items you have equipped will be randomly taken away. You can enjoy a tense battle like that.

Players become bounty hunters in the game, competing for various digital prizes and prize pools in crane games, aiming to win the title of the world’s best bounty hunter. It will be a game called.


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