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BOUNTY HUNTERS has signed a partnership with NGG (Ninja Game Guild). We will promote the spread of NFT Claw Machine Game to Africa.

BOUNTY HUNTERS has signed a partnership with NGG (Ninja Game Guild), a game guild specializing in Africa.

Through this initiative, we will promote the NFT Online Claw Machine Game developed and operated by BOUNTY HUNTERS to users in African countries and promote collaboration with African NFT blockchain games.



about Ninja Game Guild?

“Ninja Game Guild” is a social problem-solving game guild that specializes in operating in emerging markets centered on Africa.

It is operated by “GUILD Co., Ltd.”, which was established with the aim of solving economic problems due to location and age using blockchain games.

NGG(Ninja Game Guild)
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NFT Online Claw Machine Game will support Africa.

In addition, through this partnership, it has been decided to use NFT Oncre to support a support project for local children.

Details will be announced at a later date.



BOUNTY HUNTERS is a Web3 startup that combines “Online Claw Machine Game” and “NFT blockchain games” to solve each problem and develop a sustainable “NFT Oncre”.

In “NFT Online Claw Machine Game”, you can earn tokens and NFTs by remotely controlling a real claw machine game while watching video distribution from a mobile app.

In addition, we will actively approach the mass market, which has been difficult to participate in blockchain games, by introducing a login system that does not need to be aware of wallets, improving UIUX, and designing tokenomics that excludes traders. increase.

Scheduled to be launched in Q3 2023, we aim to expand the token economic zone around the world with Catch-and-Earn and solve and support various social issues.



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